Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More than a one trick pony...NZ funds up in May 09

Hi there. The Ernst & Young New Zealand Absolute Return Index had a strong year in 2008. The index was +20.4% with most of the gains attributable to directional, trend-following, volatility and commodity strategies. This led some to comment that the index was really only a CTA index as its correlation with CTA's was high. 2009 is proving that our index is indeed more than a "one trick pony". May 2009 saw a strong move higher for the index, correlating highly with the global HF industry and equities - at a time that we would think it would be appropriate. The index was +6% for the month, putting it +7.5% for the 2009 year so far. The index is now annualizing on a compound basis at 19.95% with the largest peak to valley draw-down so far being -6.5%. New Zealand managers continue to demonstrate competence in investment management.